Shawna Cadwell

I have been involved with photography for the last 10 years. I have taken specialty classes in the field and I am actively practicing Photography. I am a very organize, efficient, dependable person. I love opportunities to help and make people happy; it is what I live for. Being able to express myself through creativity and planning is what I do best. 
I tend to think out side the box and I am a very good listener. I am a person who listens to your thoughts, needs, and wants, then I do my best to accomplish these in the most affordable way. I will bring your personal touch and beliefs to life at any event and any photo session. If you have no ideas or thoughts, not to worry, I am full of thoughts, idea's, and themes.

Let me help you find your perfect party or photograph.

We provide photography to all genre's. We are not limited to just one field, we are experienced in all fields. 



Haley Upton


Shawna is by far the best photographer I have ever used. She has an amazing eye, she is truly an artist. She is the ONLY person I trust to capture the most important moments for my family and I. She is flexible and she really takes her time to make sure she gets the perfect shot! She is so kind and patient. She will do whatever it takes to get that perfect shot, even if she has to climb a mountain to do it! When it comes to capturing life's most precious moments, you can never go wrong with Shawna!! 

About The Photographer 

C.J. Matthew

My girlfriend and I wanted to start a tradition of taking family photos with our animals. After extensive research, we learned everywhere that would do animal photos at an affordable price had really cheesy backgrounds or could only accommodate us at times that were inconvenient to us. Also, other photographers that would meet us at a location of our choice would charge ridiculous prices. That's when we found Shawna. She met us at our location and took numerous photos for us at an amazing price. She was really good with our animals getting them to be still and look at the camera which I thought was going to be impossible. She's very good about working on your schedule and she was also very punctual. Now we call her for our photos every year and for any special events that might come up. I highly recommend to people that they give Shawna a try the next time you and your family need photos. She is very good and she makes it a very personal and enjoyable experience. I rate her 5 stars.


 By Shawna Cadwell